Remember when men were men? When men were known for strength and honor, who weren’t afraid to lead, to sacrifice for others, men who stood firm in Christ. Over the last few decades, we’ve seen a major assault on manhood. We live in the first generation in history that’s confused about what it means to be a man. More than ever, we need clear-thinking, straight-talking men, who love their wives and children unconditionally and sacrificially, who love the truth and stand for what is right and just. Will you join us in this quest? Man UP will work hand and hand with you, to build and grow such a ministry that meets your ministry needs. 

Training Sessions

Principles for an Effective Ministry To Men

How you reach the men in your church will be unique because no two men’s ministries are the same. However, certain principles are common to every effective ministry to men. In this session, we will walk you through the principles that will help you reach your men and help you develop a vision and strategy to meet your ministry needs.

Effective Groups for Men

Many men have acquaintances, but not real friends. Having casual acquaintances isn’t enough – we need a band of brothers, a few other men to challenge us, watch our backs and help us become all God intended us to be. This is why men’s groups are so important because they are about building relationships, no a program. In this equipping session, we will talk about “The journey toward men’s small groups” and close with “Using different methods to reach your men.”

Helping Men with the Tough Issues

Many men are dealing with some tough issues such as marriage, divorce, job loss, pornography and children; sad to say, many shy away from dealing with those issues. What would it look like if you had a team of men that could biblically handle those issues instead of just letting men try to get through them on their own.

Boot Camp for Men

Boot Camp involves a six-month commitment from men and aims to raise up men who keep their word and honor commitments. It calls men to intimacy with God, accountability with brothers in Christ, purity of heart, and servant leadership. It also teaches them to honor women, mentor the next generation, serve in church leadership, fulfill the mission of the church, and to be bold, unashamed witnesses of the gospel. Boot Camp identifies, develops, and releases men to use their gifts. It calls men out of spiritual passivity and equips them to be godly leaders in their homes, churches, workplace and community.

Resources – Where Do We Start?

Ministry to Men must be equipped with excellent resources and training. These resources enable men to implement biblical principles into their lives and to impact their families, their friends, their work, and their communities. We will introduce you to a wide variety of available resources for men, help you to pick the right ones for your men, and share some helpful hints in using them. We can also tailor and customize resources that will fit your needs and your budget.

Here’s What People Are Saying About Man Up

“LRBC had a non-existent men’s ministry that left men stagnant and rudderless. After a “Super Saturday” sponsored by Family Life Ministries, the men of LRBC began to catch a vision of biblical manhood. Rex Tignor, and “Man Up” Ministries helped us develop a vision to create men-focused events in order to disciple men and equip them for ministry in the church.
Now our ministry to men is active and growing, and helping men to stand firm in their faith and to fulfill their biblical role.”

Frank Johnson
Senior Pastor, Lake Ridge Baptist Church

Rex helped us get a Ministry to Men up and running! Didn’t happen with flowery talk and pre-canned models of how to do ministry to men. Instead, he put skin in the game by walking our battleground, meeting our guys, bringing guys from his ministry to provide personal testimonies, and providing the encouragement we need to keep going. He is always a phone call away and willing to help.

Tony Dronkers, Director, Ministry to Men and Homebuilders, Lake Ridge Baptist Church

Cost For Half-day (three sessions) Conference/Retreat: Offering, plus travel expenses.